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SkinnyOffice WorkSpace

A complete IT Department & IT Infrastructure delivered for one affordable Monthly price.

Provides companies with a complete set of Common Good IT “Desktop to Datacenter” services needed by every modern company to remain Secure, Efficient, and Competitive. Provides seamless access to all IT services regardless of whether users are located onsite or off or move between locations


WorkSpace is simple to use and increase productivity across your organization. Users access their virtual desktops from any location and on any device.


As with other cloud-based solutions WorkSpace enables organizations to quickly and easily scale as needed to meet business growth demands.


Focused on small and medium-sized businesses WorkSpace is a fully managed solution. Let us be your IT Department or augment your existing IT team.


All data within WorkSpace is stored securely in our state-of-the-art data centers. Secure connectivity ensures access from remote locations.

Capability Pillars

All WorkSpace plans include robust security protections to create a secure Digital Perimeter around your organization to protect against Cyber Threats like Ransomware and Phishing, regardless of where you and your team are located.

For companies operating in an industry with additional Compliance and Regulatory requirements such as Financial Services, Insurance, and Healthcare SkinnyOffice offers an Advanced Security and Compliance suite that builds additional protections and ongoing Professional Services onto the standard WorkSpace security protections create an entire Managed Security Program to meet their risk and regulatory challenges

To support modern mobility requirements of distributed workforces WorkSpace delivers seamless and secure Remote File access and sharing capabilities, Robust Remote Printing, and Cross Device access for Voice and IM applications

Provides an untethered Windows workspace that can be accessed anywhere, at any time, on nearly any device supporting all of your critical business applications. Customer compute resources are located in their own private cloud located on our redundant hosting infrastructure

Advanced Voice capabilities to seamlessly support calling from both Premise and Mobile phones to enable eFax, Instant Messaging, Email, Call Queuing and Web Conferencing Capabilities

WorkSpace includes robust Information Management features to allow organizations to Upload, Organize, Process, and Securely Share and Collaborate on files and records needed to speed and simplify business processes to power productivity wherever work happens.

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