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Port Request Form

Port Request

Account Information

This information must match what's on the carrier's Customer Service Record (CSR)
The BTN must be correct since it is used to request a customer service record (CSR) from the carrier.
Full or Partial Port? *
Full Port - all the numbers on the account are being ported.
Partial Port - not all numbers on the account are being ported. Some will remain at existing carrier.
Optional: Only applicable if you locked your account with a PIN or Passcode.

Service Address

The physical location of the phone number listed on the CSR. In most cases, it is not the same as the billing address. If your phone numbers are located at different service addresses, they should be part of separate port requests.
Address *

Required Documents

Most Recent Bill Copy/Invoice From Current Carrier *
Maximum upload size: 268.44MB
Letter of Agency (LOA) *
Maximum upload size: 268.44MB
( Download LOA Template )
LOAs must have a legible signature.

Requested FOC Date

Dates and times not guaranteed. We will make our best effort to accommodate your request.
When do you want this to activate? *
We will let you know your date when we confirm it with your carrier.