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WorkSpace SmartVoice Subscription

$24.99 / month


WorkSpace SmartVoice subscriptions allow rich Voice over IP capabilities to be added to your WorkSpace subscription. with advanced Voice capabilities seamlessly support calling from both Premise and Cell phones and offer advanced communication and collaboration capabilities.

Phones: Unified phone experience with included physical VoIP phone along with calling capabilities from Mobile Devices and inside the Chrome Web Browser

Calling: Unlimited calling in the US and Canada.

Unified Messaging: Email, Voicemail, and Faxes all delivered to user’s email accounts.

Integrated Web and Video Conferencing: Collaborate with coworkers, customers, and partners with rich conferencing Web, Audio, and Video conferencing capabilities alongside Instant Messaging  allow your WorkSpace subscription to become complete multichannel solution to keep your team connected and able to collaborate in real-time across multiple devices and locations

Website Live Chat and Contact Queues: Meet your customer’s demand for fast and efficient service with callings and chat integrated with your website to connect to customers and prospects however they prefer. With integrated reporting to monitor your contact volumes and service levels.